Scary Stories

Polarized America

The woman question

What’s worse than a blood porridge? - A life in a woman’s body.

The neverending story

On black lives in America (or some things never seem to change).

Back home in gun country

When it's safer to stay in the dark...

Hard times

From prosperity to radical insecurity: the critical changes in American life.

The black man's burden

...and no easy way to lift it.

Mother, daughter, me

Few gaps are harder to bridge than a generation gap.

The power of gravity

To keep hanging or to let go? - the dilemma of the American artist.

The two ages of woman

As artist Mary Kelly said, “being a woman is only a brief period in one’s life”. When it’s over, one’s life takes a better turn.

American life

The pains and joys of Post-Protestant ethic

We are a nation desperate to stand on the side of morality - to stay righteous and dwell in the light, even in this secular age.

The tale of impending doom

Things are usually not as scary as we expect them to be… Unless you are raising a black child in today’s America.

City on a hill

Is America "God's country"? Called "A shining city upon a hill," it has its own share of problems.

The lizard people

Who are the lizard people and what do they want? From the 19th-century California to the 21st-century South Africa: the lizard men and their dark deeds.

A veteran's story

An epic story of war and peace told by a veteran of American Army.

The quiet charm of suburbia

From scared babysitters and giant clown dolls to the devil himself - the secrets of American suburbia.

Black skin, white masks

Meet the new Superhero - his name is Spenser - and learn about the trouble with contemporary cartoons.

Living in New York

No place like New York

What is like to live in New York city? This story tells it all.

A happy guy's story

The uneven struggle between New York real estate and a painter in search of permanence. “But permanence, what’s that?”

An incident at a flea market

Things that went on in New York flea markets in the 1970s… You never know who you may run into.

All the things I don't know

The kinds of things that frighten even native New Yorkers...

International relations

Life lessons from Miami

From Paris to Miami, some things never change.

Life and death in the Americas

What is life like in Bogota? You may hear all kinds of tales, but you have to be there to know what it means.

Children of chaos

Strange connections between two Latvian grandpas and the New York City blackout.

Incidents in Chiba prefecture

All you want to know about edged weapons: from samurai swords to ISIS knives.

Watchers in the dark

The visible and the invisible in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Dreams of the Middle East

East and East and West is West - but some of us belong to both.

Duck and cover

The foundations of American international relations.

The heart of darkness

Americans abroad: things they find in the heart of "The Dark Continent".


Voice of the unknown

The ultimate fear, according to experts: from horror writers Robert Levy and H.P.Lovecraft.

Unspeakable things

On the failure of language and the power of art.

A not-so-scary story

This storyteller has a philosophical view of life: it is never as scary as your think! Not when you have some fresh veggies in your bag.

How we learned to love the bomb

Once we learned to love the bomb, what is there to frighten us?

On truth and lies in a nonmoral sense

Nietzsche's Ubermensch in the 1970s' America: the true story of Carlos Castaneda.

Death and the Maiden

There is always one about death.

Childhood horrors

Story about the Russian revolution

Where does the the boogeyman live, and what is his name? Could it be Vladimir Lenin, the hero of the Russian Revolution?

An incident on Fire Island

Summer vacation, two little girls and a baby - something is bound to happen…

A childhood story

A short television news story and a life-long memory…

Hauntings, demons and the paranormal

Haunting in Manhattan

A young woman wakes up in the middle of the night feeling an invisible presence nearby... What does science have to say about this?

Demons of Ferguson

What to do if you find a family of demons living in your cellar: Jewish folklore and America's fear of a black man.

The supernatural in Sebring, Ohio

A banshee's cry in the night, a lost cat - and other disturbing portents in Sebring, Ohio.

The Divine cooperative

New York real estate... A living collective has found its dream house - but something else may already be living there.

Weird New Jersey

Some people are weirder than you think.

Strange occurences in the woods

Babes in the woods

A couple goes for a hike and has the strangest encounter on the Appalachian trail.

Into the wild

Wild things live in the woods just outside this man's house in South Florida...

A cabin in the woods

Two New Yorkers take a break from the city life and rent a small cabin in the woods in Alaska...

Bear story

The pros and cons of wildlife encounters.

The scariest stories

Apocalypse here

So many horrible things happening all over the world - but we are still waiting for the worst to come the the United States.

The forgotten story

This story stayed forgotten for over twenty years, and finally it had to be told.

The bed and the talking cure

How parents and children should deal with trauma? A complicated story of two families and many siblings, in which Sigmund Freud himself makes a brief appearance…

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